Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 10th October 2019

Is Detox Organics Gluten Free?

Detox Organics does not meet the guidelines to be considered gluten free. However we feel our product is Gluten friendly 

The Science Behind It:

Let’s start off with why wheatgrass is actually gluten-free. The plant, wheat, from which wheatgrass is harvested from, is actually, in it’s pure form, gluten free. It is because it is harvested before it produces the seeds where the gluten is found. Now, we choose to work with organic, non-GMO products which are less predictable and less controlled than mainstream, altered, plants, but we always want to deliver only the very best ingredients to our customers. Sometimes, just a few plants mature faster before they are harvested, so the seeds form along with gluten, at a miniscule level, but nevertheless the result is no longer gluten-free.

The FDA understands this so they have allowed for 20 parts of gluten per million parts of product in order to still be labeled “gluten free” On the last batch of Detox Organics, nature took its course and the result is that our test results showed 21 parts per million over the threshold to be labeled “gluten free”. Even though it is barely traceable, we always stand by being transparent with our community.

How many calories per serving? What are the nutrition facts?

Why is Detox Organics the best on the market?

Our formula has taken us over a year to perfect. We took the time to test hundreds of ingredient combinations to bring you the very best in a plant-based nutritional supplement. Not only did we make sure you were getting all of the best superfoods, we went above and beyond to make sure you were only getting the best Non-GMO and 100% USDA organic ingredients.

There’s nothing that even comes close to our 3-phase blend, it removes harmful toxins, boosts energy and reduces inflammation. It also promotes fat loss, eliminates bloat and eases digestion

Is Detox Organics right for me?

Detox Organics are right for everybody, period. And, certainly, those who choose to take their health to the next level. It’s great for a plethora reasons (see below) not to mention it’s great for those that aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Most of us don’t have the time to juice 25+ superfoods every single day, this all-in-one superfood powder allows you to get all of the benefits without spending all of the time it takes to shop, juice, and of course clean up.

What are the benefits of Detox Organics?

  • Daily support for healthy elimination of toxins
  • Helps maintain a natural pH balance within your body
  • Replenishes electrolytes with RAW Coconut Water
  • Supports overall health and wellness
  • Supports detoxification
  • Helps achieve recommended daily serving of fruits and veggies
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Eliminates fatigue
  • Reduces Bloat
  • Eases Digestion

Do you use any artificial flavors or sweeteners?

We do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners, meaning that when you use Detox Organics, you know you are consuming the purest and cleanest formula possible. In fact, we have gone above and beyond to get our product certified USDA Organic, which is a very lengthy and costly endeavor. We have left no stone unturned, we do not compromise — period!

Doesn't your body naturally detox it’s own?

Yes, your body does a certain amount of detoxing on its own. But in today’s world, we are exposed to thousands of toxins every single day. Yes, it’s in the thousands. They are everywhere, pollution in the air, in cleaning supplies, your beauty care products and even in your foods. So although you’re constantly detoxing, supplements are a good way to promote and enhance what’s already going on under the hood.

Whether you eat the purest of pure diets, or you live on pizza, beer, and ice cream, your body never stops detoxification. As long as you have a functioning liver, kidney, and colon, your body is always removing toxins.

When we refer to “detox” here using Detox Organics, we are specifically referring to reducing the consumption of toxic or unhealthy substances through a change in diet, recognizing that you aren’t necessarily “starting up detoxification”, rather you are supporting it, making the process more efficient.

We believe that by simply drinking Detox Organics on a daily basis and embracing a whole foods, active lifestyle is the best way to support detoxification – no teas, wraps, or harmful pills necessary.